About Little Cake Garden

Whimsical, romantic, delicious and unique; just a few words that have been used to describe our bakes.

Little Cake Garden started one summer in 2013, with a quest to make, what was at the time, the most sought after cake – 

the Red Velvet sponge.

After endless hours scouring the internet for the best Red Velvet recipe and my attempt being met with rave reviews, 

I discovered a love for baking that I am still surprised and so grateful to say has turned into this business of mine 

(ours, my husband Rob now oversees the logistics!).

My quest for that Red Velvet recipe led me to an undiscovered world of a plethora of tasty treats that could be made so wonderfully pretty that they’d leave anyone looking at and tasting them in awe.

“I don't really know what a cake is going to look like before I start designing; I just know how I want the people that see and taste them to feel.” –
Jasmine (the baker).

The Little Cake Garden Philosophy

Three tier wedding cake in emerald green and gold with white sugar flowers

A combination of authenticity with a weakness for pretty things and love stories is at the heart of what we do.

All our bakes are made from scratch and we pride ourselves on having arrived at delicious recipes that have been met by rave reviews.

We include the finest range of cake decorating skills in our designs – buttercream, fondant, ganache, from ruffles, to lace, to hand painted artwork, silver & gold leaf, and lots and lots of sugar flowers – each cake stands out as a beautiful individual.

As cake designers we are totally led by you, using all the other details 

of your day – be it invites, proposal stories, or colour schemes, to ensure that your wedding cake fits seamlessly into the story of your day.

We don’t just stop at wedding cakes. Anything we can make sweet, we will; and we can think of plenty of different ways for you to enjoy our creations.


"Thank you so much!! The cake was AMAZING and so beautiful!!! I blinked and it was almost gone!! No one wasted a crumb! So delicious! The coconut & lime tier! What a talent you have!
Tessa & Junior
"It was amazing! Best cake maker in the world!."
George & LEANNE
"You did a fantastic job with our macaron tower! All our guests loved it and so did we!"
Farnaz & aria
"The cake you made for my sister's wedding was EVERYTHING! I genuinely still think about it sometimes! It tasted amazing and looked SO gorgeous. Well done on this masterpiece!"
Annie POE