Wedding Cake Pricing & Portion Guide

How much is a modern wedding cake in London? How much cake will you need? Find out below.

Wedding cakes are highly bespoke items, the cost of which is dependent on the specific cake design you choose.

Due to the fact that no two wedding cakes are ever the same, I have drafted a pricing guide which features “starting from” prices. 

These baseline prices are reflective of sponge cakes with a simple finish.

We use high quality ingredients, including real butter, free range eggs, and real fruits and compotes to flavour our cakes. 

Our prices are reflective of the quality that goes in to making sure your wedding cake tastes just as good as it looks.

Features such as hand crafted sugar flowers, fresh flowers, and other decorative items will impact the final quote.

Delivery and set-up charges apply to all wedding cakes outside a five mile radius from the cake studio in South East London.

Two tier wedding cakes – from £480

Three tier wedding cakes – from £720

Four tier wedding cakes – from £875

Five tier wedding cakes – from £1150 

FAQ's On the Pricing of our Wedding Cakes

We prefer to work with fresh flowers or handcrafted sugar/wafer paper flowers, as they make for a more beautiful cake. The price difference is usually minimal, so we don’t feel it is worth sacrificing the beauty of the design to use artificial flowers.

Wedding cakes are fragile and set-up is usually a complex process. To deliver a wedding cake successfully, there is a lot of liaison with other suppliers, the venue, etc.

In order to make sure you get the cake you’ve been dreaming about, we make sure we deliver the cake for you.

In many instances, final details such as the placement of flowers and stacking of tiers are completed at the venue. For this reason, we wouldn’t put the burden of responsibility on you or a family member/friend!

In the event that you would like more tiers than is necessary to feed your guests, dummy tiers can reduce the price of your cake, but it will be a minimal saving, as the cost is due to the labour required to complete the design.

However, contrary to popular belief – if you opt to use faux tiers with “cutting cake” in the back, this may actually increase the cost of your cake, as you’ll have to pay for the dummy tiers as well as the ingredients for the cake.

In most cases, the answer is no. However, if you opt for a fruit cake, this will be priced more expensively due to the difference in cost to make fruit cake.

A 40% deposit is required to save your wedding date. The remaining 60% is due one week before your wedding date.

We do not at present offer payment plans.

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