Little Cake Garden Update

A bit of a different blog post today, but I didn’t want to bore you by writing a long email, so here’s an update about Little Cake Garden – I’ll try to keep it short.
It feels as though people know two different Little Cake Gardens. One pre COVID, and one post COVID.
“What’s happened to the sweet treat shop?” It’s a question I hear frequently!

If you’ve been following along since circa 2020, you’ll know that along with all social interactions, weddings disappeared overnight during lockdown. My exclusively wedding cake business pivoted to selling the sweet treats that had previously been reserved for wedding dessert tables online, and the business rocketed.

Hand painted macarons

I was getting order after order for macarons, lollipops, mini doughnuts, personalised biscuits, and all the other pretty bakes I’d made to sell during lockdown.

Valentine’s Heart Biscuits with hand piped messages

Sometime in those two years post Corona, I found myself with two more children and it no longer seemed feasible to . I craved the predictability of wedding cakes, which are often booked months in advance – I also missed the creativity of those too.
But, because of those lockdown sweet treats, I’ve been introduced to a whole new market – corporate clients!
These orders feel more like wedding cake orders, as they’re often large, booked in advance and are thematic in nature – my element.
I absolutely love making both wedding cakes and sweet treats, but going forward I’m going to be operating a bit differently.

Wedding cake and cupcakes at Richmond Lodge

Corporate/Brand Orders:
Since lockdown, I’ve had the opportunity to create branded desserts for some amazing companies. Quite recently we’ve made some biscuits and cake pops for Peloton, some cupcakes for BP, and some floral cupcakes for Pinterest. Just last week, we took our sweet treats to Warwick Court, a beautiful office space in the heart of St. Paul’s. We set up a Valentine’s themed pop up for their clients, and it was an absolute blast! I will still be fulfilling corporate orders, in all capacities. Whether hosting a pop-up, event dessert table, creating gift packages for clients, I am available and keen to do more of these.

Wedding Cakes:
Well, I’ve never stopped making wedding cakes, big or small, cakes for weddings in and around London are integral to Little Cake Garden, and I will continue to make them, so please get in touch if you are looking for a cake for your wedding – I can’t get enough of making wedding cakes!

Five tier wedding cake, Ealing, London

Dessert Tables:

It is honestly my passion to fuse together beauty and taste to create the prettiest sweet treats you’ve ever seen – that is always the aim! I will be making these for weddings and brand events.

Valentine’s Day Pop Up at Warwick Court, Paternoster Square, St Paul’s

Sweet Treats:
This is where the biggest change is occurring, and probably the one that most people will be interested in!
Going forward our sweet treats will be seasonally available to purchase in our online shop. For national occasion days – Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and some other special days throughout the year, we will have a selection of sweet treats to purchase.
The above changes will mean we can hone in on our speciality, which is creating beauty for life’s beautiful moments. We hope you’ll include us in your special days!

Until next time,
Jasmine x

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