Delightful Decadence: 4 Ways to Incorporate Macarons into Your London Wedding

You can only get married in one place at a time, and if you’re settled on a London wedding, congratulations, it’s one of the best cities in the world. But that should not stop you from having the best of other cities at your wedding, and we all know Paris is big on romance, the perfect element for any wedding day.
Enter, macarons.
Macarons; the daintiest, prettiest sweet treat there is. The queen of any patisserie range, and the most delightful way to add some Parisian Chic to your wedding day.
Available in any colour and flavour imaginable, there is truly no other treat as alluring as a macaron. There, I said it. As many sweet treats as I make, macarons take the prize for the most coveted dessert item there could possibly be.
If you’re looking for a treat that will delight both the taste buds and the eyes of your guests, look no further. Here are four ways you can use macarons to add a little je ne said quoi to your wedding.

Rose petal macarons
  1. Bridesmaid Proposal Macaron Box
    So somewhere between popping the BIG question, but before you get to your big day, another question needs to be asked to your bridal party – and this right here is the sweetest way to ask – Bridesmaid Proposal Macarons!
    Five macarons, bearing those five lovely words: “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Perfect for fitting through the post, adding to a bespoke bridesmaid proposal box, or handing out in person – these are by far one of our most popular items. We’ve had such good responses to these boxes, and even had bridesmaids answer the question in the same way – macarons all round!
    It’s such a delightful and thoughtful gift to give to the team that will be supporting you on your big day, and undoubtedly beyond.
Bridesmaid Proposal Macarons
  1. Macaron Tower
    A towering centrepiece featuring these cute little bites is more than my heart can take, to be honest. Imagine a ten-tier tower, standing over 2 feet tall, bearing 150 of these beautiful little treats. Whether you had an ombre tower, a single colour macaron tower, or any other colour palette, there is no denying that a macaron tower makes for an impressive feature at a wedding. Macaron towers need not be huge, if you would like a smaller one, a six-tier version still makes for a remarkable dessert option. What’s more is that each tower can have as many flavours as there are colours. Your guests will definitely be having more than one macaron!
Macaron Tower by Little Cake Garden at Elephant and Castle, London
  1. Macaron Name Places
    Name places are usually an afterthought, as they’re the finer details in the wedding planning process. Though often overlooked, it’s worth making the effort here, as it’s one of the first things your guest will see when they sit down at the wedding breakfast.
    If you want to be fancy; macarons + calligraphy is the winning combination here. With each guest having their name handwritten on to a macaron, this would double up as a lovely wedding favour. Edible name places also boost the sustainability of your wedding, since they are a zero-waste alternative to the traditional paper/card options.
    Guests love personalised touches to the wedding day, and how sweet would this one be?
Macaron name place
  1. Macaron Favours
    Boxed up in delightful little pairs, tied with ribbon or adorned with petals, flowers or a charm, macaron favours look great amidst any table arrangement.
Macaron favour boxes

Whichever option you choose, you ensure a showstopper, a centrepiece, a great talking point and a tasty treat for your guests.

What’s not to love?!

Until next time,

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