Wedding Cake, London – Syon Park

Syon Park Conservatory and Gardens is one of those London wedding venues that will make your suppliers squeal with glee.
From the beautiful Syon House, to the rambling gardens and Conservatory, each space provides the perfect backdrop for customisation, a ton of natural light (a photographers dream) and ample opportunity to create a wedding album that looks like something out of a magazine.
You can therefore imagine my delight when I received an enquiry from Jade and JaRoy to make their wedding cake for their reception in the Great Conservatory at Syon Park.
I knew from the outset that I was going to love creating this cake.

The Great Conservatory at Syon Park

Jade and JaRoy are a fun-loving couple who really wanted a bespoke cake. They didn’t come to me with an image, but instead, ideas. They wanted their cake to be an experience for their guests visually, but they equally wanted their guests to enjoy the taste of their cake, as well.
During their consultation, we settled on a four-tier cake to ensure enough for all their guests.
The couple come from a Caribbean background, so strong flavours were important to them. With each tier a different flavour, the profile of their cake included Caribbean Rum cake, Coconut & Lime, Raspberry & White Chocolate and the zestiest Lemon cake!
The Conservatory at Syon Park is a glass house with large stone pillars and a concrete slab floor. Being a conservatory, it is home to many plants, and so has a very rustic ambience. To complement that, we opted for an ivory buttercream finish, alternating between smoothly covered tiers and piped ruffling.

Buttercream detail

Jade and JaRoy had beautiful floral centrepieces by Afmena Events for their décor.
Their colour scheme included purples, whites, soft peach and creams.
We knew we were going to dress the cake with flowers, and since florals were such a huge part of the day, we wanted the cake to match the rest of the aesthetic.
To ensure this, I used the flowers provided by Afmena Events to dress the cake. I had no clue which flowers would be available to choose from, but so much of making wedding cakes is working on the details until it feels right, so a little bit of spontaneity often works out for the best!
Afia, the head of Afmena Events, wanted the stunning architecture of the Great Conservatory to speak for itself, so she opted for a very minimalist design, but kept the colour scheme that the couple desired.

I had a difficult time choosing from the beautiful selection of blooms they had bought, but in the end, I opted for roses, wax flowers, carnations and my favourite – those delightful, bold, purple orchids!
The cake was set up on the dance floor against the backdrop of their sweetheart table. The floral cluster at the base worked to highlight the cake as a main feature of their wedding decor and is a wonderful example of why wedding cakes should never be left in a corner of a room!

As I mentioned, Jade and JaRoy really wanted the cake to be integral to the experience of their guests, and by providing such a space for their cake, it was ensured that the cake could be appreciated by everyone.

I think this cake is testament to the fact that you shouldn’t be afraid to play around with colour on a wedding cake, especially when it speaks so much to your personality.
To finish, the cake was speckled with light smatterings of edible gold leaf and pearls – my favourite way to add glamour to a cake.

I was bowled over when Jade sent me this professional image of their cake, and even more touched by the lovely message she sent.

Check out their incredible review, here.

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