Sweet Wedding Cake Traditions

Without a doubt, wedding cakes are a significant feature of any wedding day.
Not only do they hold their own special place in a room, you will find “cake cutting” on any reception timetable – occupying the sweet spot between the best man’s speech and the couple’s first dance – it is a momentous occasion. So momentous in fact, that over the years, wedding cake traditions have developed.
Here are four of the sweetest wedding cake traditions, and bonus – they make for incredible photo opportunities!

Rob and I are on our wedding day
  1. Cutting the cake together
    Now we all know this one – and this is the one that all your friends and family crowd around to watch as you complete your first joint task as a married couple. I remember feeling quite nervous as a bride cutting into the cake with everyone watching – were we going to be able to cut it without making a mess? Which tier do we cut (THE BOTTOM, GUYS, ALWAYS THE BOTTOM TIER), is it going to fall over? But shaking hands, your hands clasped one over the other, it is such a lovely symbol of your journey together going forward.
    Whatever life throws at you, new or not, in uncertainty, in daunting moments, in exciting times – you will be doing it together and cutting the cake has come to symbolise that commitment.
  1. Feeding each other cake
    Now the cake has been cut, feeding each other the very first slice is the next step. Many couples feel nervous about this moment, particularly if you have a bit of a joker for a partner, who will relish the opportunity to smash a bit of cake in your face for a laugh! Nevertheless, with the busyness of the day, this can be the only slice of cake a bridal couple may get to taste on the day, so I would always advise not skipping this bit. Building on from cutting the cake, it’s another sweet moment to share as a newly married couple. Feeding each other is a representation of your vows to look after one another.
  1. Keeping the top tier
    Traditionally the top tier of a wedding cake was kept for the couple to take home and cut a year later at the christening of their first child. This has now evolved to another sweet tradition – cutting the top tier as a celebration of your first anniversary. I absolutely love this! I didn’t get to do it, my sister ate the remains of my cake (thank you, Michaela). In the same way that lots of venues invite couples back for a first anniversary dinner, I think this is such a lovely way to reminisce on the day and look back at all the firsts of the first year as a married couple. Of all the traditions, this is one I hear most couples adopting. Top tip, though it may seem obvious – make sure the top tier is the favourite of all the flavours if you’ll be doing this!
  1. Personalising the cake
    Cakes are among the most customisable feature of any wedding day. Aside from choosing the flavours that the two of you love, and the colour scheme, you can also weave highly personal elements into the design of your cake.
    As trends have changed, the way in which people do this has developed. Today, most people opt for the couple’s initials on a tier, in either acrylic cake charms or stencils. But, amongst my favourites:

• At the base of the cake – footprints in edible sand to symbolise a beach engagement
• A small emblem on the top tier in Katakan to include the couples’ son’s name on their cake in Japanese (a nod to the groom’s heritage)
• Couple photographs on the cake table

So there you have it, four sweet ways to make a sweet moment even sweeter. Above all, remember to have fun! Cake cutting is one of the less formal parts of the wedding day and another chance to show off your personality as a couple.

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